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AmWager Sportsbook Promo Code & Review in Michigan

Published: Mar 14, 2023 Updated: May 11, 2023

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AmWager horse betting is a reputed and respected Michigan betting website. Extremely easy to navigate, ABC and conditional wagering, colossus jackpot, exchange pools, Dutch wagering, etc. are some of the unique features of the MI AmWager app. Launched in 2009, but AmWager got legalized in 2020 in the state of Michigan.

With smarter and exclusive gaming tools, the AmWager race betting in Michigan also has a live chat feature. Everything is quite fast on the AmWager website and brings a lot of fun and excitement. In Michigan, presently, around 23 tribal casinos are there offering exclusive features, but the AmWager Android app stands out. AmWager App is licensed and regulated by the Oregon Racing Commission. In the Michigan AmWager review guide, we would like to say that around 1000 races are conducted every day within 500 different tracks. Additionally, you have free AmWager handicapping that you will not get anywhere else.

In this Michigan AmWager review, you will get to know every detail about AmWager, its promo code, odds for each race, risk-free first bet, etc. Therefore, if you are interested in making more out of your betting, it would be better if you go through this review guide and understand everything.

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    AmWager Michigan Promo and Review Code

    AmWager Sportsbook Promo

    Michigan citizens are allowed to play on the US racebook only if they are 21 years old. The online casino is offering many rewards and welcome bonuses to retain their players and attract more. A brief introduction of the Michigan AmWager bonus details, AmWager promo code, etc. is provided here that will help you to claim it. The website is known to offer the best welcome bonus in Michigan.

    Referral Bonus Program

    AmWager is a fantastic website, providing referral bonus codes. Every time whenever you are referring to a friend, you get $25 and it is a great way to earn money. You can always invite your friend to register for the popular betting online website. Also, when they sign up, they get a credit of $25. When your friend completes wagers, whose price is $100, you get $25.

    Cash Rewards

    Every single bettor on Michigan AmWager gets an exclusive cashback reward program. It also has no minimum play requirement, but remember that this feature is not available to all players. Eventually, as you play more, the cashback rate starts increasing. Another benefit of this cashback reward is it’s available as real cash. Every morning deposits take place, and players do not need to request for it.

    Sign Up AmWager Bonus Code

    The current sign-up for mobile betting accounts is $100, and the promo code AmWager is AMGAMBLER. It is only available for the first-time deposit and if you wish to get a maximum of $100, opt for an initial deposit of $100. Also, the welcome bonus offers are available if you bet at least for a minimum amount of $100. Many other bonuses are also there apart from a deposit bonus, where you can earn 10% back on EXOTIC and WIN wagers within the first 30 days of signing up. No AmWager Promo code is there to avail of this offer. Most notably, ensure that you are reading the terms and conditions of the new player welcome bonus before signing up.

    Types of Horse Racing Available For Betting

    It’s essential to be cautious while selecting horse racing. The best online betting sites will offer you enough horse racing betting options. But it all depends upon you which one you wish to pick as the odds that your friend is winning you may not. That’s why; carefully understand the types of racing so that visit AmWager Directly in Michigan and start.

    Thoroughbred Racing

    It is the common horse racing form, featuring horses with jockeys. The jockeys are on the horseback, and the horses run on a flat surface. Generally, the distances vary from 5/8 of a mile to 1 ½ mile.

    Harness Racing

    Harness racing is where horses need to pull sulkies and bikes. Guided by drivers, and usually, these races are conducted on dirt tracks. In other countries, this racing can continue for longer distances, while American harness racing lasts for a mile.

    Jump Racing

    This horse racing is also known as hunt or steeple chase racing. In this horse racing, the horse needs to overcome an obstacle at some point in time during the race. Usually, it’s contested at longer distances of more than two miles.

    Breeders’ Cup Races

    Taking place at the year-end, and it is the most prestigious horse racing event in the US. Initially, it was launched in 1980 for entertaining the fans but soon grew into a popular betting horse racing event. The difference between Breeder’s Cup races is it brings horses of all disciplines and ages.

    American Triple Crown Races

    • Kentucky Derby: Popular horse race in America and Triple Crown is conducted every year in May in Louisville, Kentucky, at Churchill Downs. Here three years old horses participate and contest for 1 ¼ mile.
    • Preakness Stakes: Compared to all American Triple Crown Races, it is shortest and 1 3/16 miles and is conducted in Baltimore, Maryland.
    • Belmont Stakes: This round is essential for horses who have already won the first two, and its lengths are 1 ½ miles. Popularly named “The Test” and it is held in Elmont, New York.

    British Triple Crown Races

    • 2000 Guineas Stakes: It is the first leg of the British Triple Crown, taking place every spring at Suffolk, England. In this horse racing, no turns are there and are unique races.
    • Epsom Derby: Similar to the UK Triple Crown, the three-year-old horses will take part in it and is held in Surrey, England.
    • Legal Stakes: Alike to the American version, it is a British version and is the longest of all, lasting till 1 3/8 miles.

    Other Horse Racing Events

    Many more horse racing events are there apart from the above ones, where you can place your bet. The legal race betting sites will give you enough opportunities to win. Some of the events are Pegasus World Cup, Haskell Invitational, Pacific Stakes, Kentucky Oaks, Santa Anita Derby, Florida Derby, Arlington Million, Melbourne World Cup, Dubai World Cup, and many more.

    Several Bets to Wager

    AmWager Sportsbook Info

    In this AmWager Michigan online review, we would like to include that several racing bets are available in betting apps. They are:

    Straight Bets

    Straight bets are mostly simple, as here you need to choose the horse going to win the races. Among horse racing fans, straight bets are easiest but categorized in different stages.

    • Win: Pick the horse that’s going to win the race, and you are done. Remember that only if the horse comes first, only then you win; otherwise, you lose. The AmWager true odd for every horse is listed on the tote board. Also, the payoffs are shown in the result column.
    • Across The Board: In this wager, a player is placing three bets in the software, and they are one show bet, one win, and one place bet. If your horse comes first, you win all three bets, if it comes second, you win two, and if you come third, you win one.
    • Place: It is comparatively better than the win wager as you need to select one horse going to secure the first or second position. However, the risk reduces the payout also. Irrespective of whether the horse is securing any of the top positions you win.
    • Show: It is even less risky than a place, and the payout also decreases. Pick a horse that can complete in any of the top three positions. Make sure to place your MI AmWager racebook odds when you are confident enough that you will win.

    Exotic Horse Racing Bets

    Exotic wagers are complex and risky as multiple horses are involved. Well, with the most risky bets, the payouts also increase, and you get to win an AmWager gift card. In this category, the bets are classified into two categories with higher betting limits. They are horizontal and vertical wagers.

    Vertical Wagers

    Vertical wagers are the ones finishing with “cta”, and they are listed here. In these types of high-limit wagers, players need to choose horses going to complete the race in the exact order.

    • Exacta: If you are going with exacta, you are selecting two horses going to complete as of first and second in the same order. The horse that you have selected first must come first, and the same goes for the second. Definitely, this live betting is challenging but offers significantly more. If you have in-depth knowledge about in-game live betting, you can win easily.
    • Trifecta: Well, choose three horses that will win a first, second, and third position in a similar order. Remember that you only win when the horses are completing the match exactly in the same manner. It pays a higher price, and players who can handicap well must try this.
    • Quinella: Select two horses that will finish in the first two positions similarly in the same order. Of course, the payouts are lower than exacta, but they are higher than trifecta.
    • Superfecta: If you are going for this bet, you need to pick up the top four horses. Consecutively, the payout reduces as the risk is lower.

    Horizontal Wagers

    In horizontal bets, you must pick up winners for a specific number of horse races. The horizontal wagers range from two to six.

    • Daily Double: In this wagering type, pick up two races, and these can be split races, consecutive races, races conducted on different days, etc. For savvy players, a daily double bet can be an excellent alternative. Various rewards for race bets are offered by the mobile racebook operator when you win them.
    • Pick Bets: Pick bet is when you select a winner of a specified number of It can vary from PK3 to P12. In this category, the most popular is the pick 6 wager. However, as the number of races increases, the AmWager rewards and difficulty level. Make sure you have enough information before you opt for this wagering type.
    • Tri-Super (TS): It is more complicated and is not at all easy to win. Experienced bettors who have won a lot of bets and have enough knowledge regarding it can go for tri-super.

    AmWager Racebook Mobile Betting

    AmWager also has an excellent app through which you can place your bets more comfortably from anywhere. The app is designed beautifully with a high-loading speed page and exclusive features. All the bonuses and promotions available on the website are there on the mobile app. They have a user-friendly interface and easier navigation features.

    Irrespective of whether you are an iOS or Android user, you can install the app and start playing. The signup process is easier, and you need to be at least 21 years to start playing. Deciding on placing the bets without enough information would be a foolish decision. That’s why; collect information about the horses and various other aspects. Consecutively, you should not only concentrate on placing bets but also winning them.

    Banking Options

    In the betting bookmaker reviews, we would like to include that they offer various ways to make transactions. If you wish to do transactions in Cryptocurrency, you can opt for it. Some of the payment options are:

    • Online Check And Money Order: Any player can opt for an online check or money order form that will help in making transactions.
    • Wire Transfer: Compared to all other methods, this is faster and comes with a fee.
    • MoneyPak And PayNearMe: Through these methods also, you can make transactions. For MoneyPak, you need to create an account first and transfer funds to your account.

    The other alternatives that you can use here are @theRegister, Bitcoin, etc.

    When it comes to withdrawal, the methods are limited. The withdrawal options available are check by mail and online check. An online check is free from fees and is quicker, while checking by mail takes a longer time.

    AmWager Customer Service

    While placing your first real money bet or withdrawal or depositing race betting revenue, you might come across difficulties. Therefore, you would need guidance, and AmWager customer care is always there. They are available over the phone and by email. The service hour starts from 12:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Thursday. For Friday and Saturday, it is increased by an hour. They are helpful and will try their best to resolve the matter at the earliest.

    Latest News

    The latest news about Michigan AmWager is that it has come up with a welcome bonus of $500 upon registration. It has attracted much news to the racebook, and it does not require any minimum deposit. Additionally, you will come across more bets with the time that will keep you entertained.

    Final Thoughts of Amwager Online Review

    All-inclusive, AmWager is a brilliant site for horse betting in Michigan standing in one line with such great options like Xpressbet online racebook and DRF Bets. They are trustworthy, and as the operator is focused on horse races, you will come across a huge number of betting options. With tons of betting options, promo, and bonus codes, the leading racebook features live streaming as well. The above aspects will guide you and help you place bets appropriately.

    Consecutively, you will be more confident and you would know which horse has a higher chance of winning. Irrespective of whether you haven’t tried betting or you are an experienced bettor, make sure that you give it a try using AmWager. It would be worthwhile when you start winning the bets.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is AmWager online racebook legal in Michigan?
    Yes, AmWager online racebook is legal in Michigan.
    How old should I be to bet on horse races in Michigan?
    To bet on horse races in Michigan, you must be at least 21 years old.
    Is there an Android app on Amwager?
    Yes, there is an Android app on AmWager.
    What is superfecta?
    Superfecta is a betting type, where you need to pick up four horses that will complete the race in the order you have selected.
    How can I check odds on AmWager?
    Visit the website of AmWager you will come across all the odds available for the match.

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