It Is Time For Real Money Betting: Michigan Online Gambling Launch Dates

In the previous few years, the US online gambling has been in a confusing position due to distinct laws in every state. While lands like New Jersey and Pennsylvania were hosting various popular betting platforms, others weren’t considering the subject altogether. Michigan, on the other hand, has taken itself out from the latter category and put itself in the former one.

gamblingtherapyThe state ended the year 2019 on a good note by legalizing online gambling in its region. This was done by singing two bills into the law, called the Lawful Sports Betting Act (LSBA) and the Lawful Internet Gaming Act (LIGA). As per these two laws, the land will incorporate online gambling domains, such as:

  • Online Casinos
  • Retail Sports Betting
  • Daily Fantasy Sports
  • Online Poker
  • Mobile Sports Betting

You can read further if you are curious to know more about Michigan online gambling launch dates and other details on MI’s online gambling platforms. We have included everything that should be aware of when you are living in the state of Michigan.

Understanding The Michigan Online Gambling Laws

Currently, there are around 26 land-based gambling platforms available in Michigan. But in December 2019, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also opened the door for online gambling in the state by signing House Bill 4311. The bill brought in the Lawful Internet Gaming Act. Therefore, any kind of online gaming/gambling no longer remains illegal in the place.

However, legalization doesn’t mean that online gambling has been launched in Michigan. The state’s authorities are yet to determine the rules and infrastructure of the domain so that it can finally be implemented. While there is no specific online gambling launch schedule, officials did give indications about bringing the changes before 2020 ends.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has highly affected the land-based casinos, they can take advantage of this situation as well. The 26 platforms are now eligible to get their licenses for gambling sites. Apart from this, you should also know that the tax from this new industry will be invested in two domains:

  • Education Support
  • Medical Assistance For First Responders Of MI

Michigan Online Gambling Launch Dates For Sportsbooks

Some of the popular sportsbooks have already begun with their processes of licensing in Michigan. Thus, you will soon be able to enjoy the best betting sites with real money gambling. Betting on games like NHL, MLB, NFL, and NBA will be available on them.

A few big names with their estimated launch date are:

MI SportsbooksLicense HolderLaunch Date (estimated)
BetMGM SportsbookMGM Grand DetroitNovember 2020
BetRivers SportsbookLittle River Band of the Ottawa IndiansYet to be announced
DraftKings SportsbookBay Mills Indian CommunityBy the end of 2020
FanDuel SportsbookMotorCity CasinoBy the end of 2020
FOX Bet SportsbookLittle Traverse Bay Bands Of Odawa IndiansBy the end of 2020
Points Bet SportsbookLac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa IndiansBy the end of 2020
William Hill SportsbookGrand Traverse Bay Band of Ottawa and Chippewa IndiansYet to be announced
BetAmerica SportsbookHannahville Indian CommunityBy the end of 2020
Golden NuggetKeweenaw Bay Indian CommunityEarly 2021
Parx CasinoGun Lake TribeBy the end of 2020


Due to the ongoing circumstances of COVID-19, these estimated dates may get delayed. But you should check out these sites’ reviews by then so see which one offers the best platform. So you won’t waste time later, and begin playing the day they go live in the state.

Michigan Online Casinos Launch Dates

casinoJust like sportsbooks, popular online casinos have also started with the process of obtaining appropriate licenses to operate in Michigan. Once they go live, you can enjoy various games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, etc. while sitting in the comfort of your home.

The best MI casinos online that you can see soon, and their launch dates are:

MI Online CasinosLicense HolderLaunch Date (estimated)
BetMGM CasinoMGM Grand DetroitNovember 2020
BetRivers CasinoLittle River Band of the Ottawa IndiansYet to be announced
DraftKings CasinoBay Mills Indian CommunityBy the end of 2020
FanDuelMotorCity CasinoBy the end of 2020
Hollywood CasinoGreektown CasinoBy the end of 2020
PokerStars CasinoLittle Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa IndiansBy the end of 2020
William Hill CasinoGrand Traverse Bay Band of Ottawa and Chippewa IndiansYet to be announced
BetAmerica CasinoHannahville Indian CommunityBy the end of 2020
Golden NuggetKeweenaw Bay Indian CommunityEarly 2021
Parx CasinoGun Lake TribeBy the end of 2020
Points Bet CasinoLac Vieux Desert Band of Lake Superior Chippewa IndiansBy the end of 2020


However, you may need to wait a little longer due to the ongoing COVID-19 circumstances. Until then, you can check out MI online casino reviews to check the best offers that will be provided by each of them.

Michigan Online Gambling Bill For Online Poker Sites

MI GamblingThough many people consider poker as a casino game, it has a different domain of its own. Poker is dealt with different rules because it can be enjoyed with a set of friends or with the dealer. Plus, the game can’t be played by just anyone. Most betting platforms provide a barrier to keep naive users away.

Another reason for poker to be distinctively operated is its low profitability as compared to other gambling games. That is why the game won’t be at the top of the priority list in Michigan. But you can expect to see some Poker platforms rise by March 2021, which is after the other kinds of gambling would have set up.

It is advised that you remain patient until the licensed and regulated platforms go live, and don’t go for any unregulated betting sites. These websites aren’t safe to play for real money. You may get stuck on them, losing all your money. Moreover, the officials won’t be able to help you then because these platforms don’t fall under the law of the state.

Current Status Of Online Gambling In Michigan

As stated earlier, Michigan legalized online gambling in December 2019. However, the state is still in the middle of deciding on the rules and framework details of the industry. That is why you may not be able to enjoy betting right now. According to the estimates, the entire process will get completed by the end of the year. Plus, most of the gambling websites will also become available for the citizens by then.

The types of online gambling legalized in Michigan are:

  • Online Casinos: These are the most popular methods in almost all states of the United States. You can find more games here as compared to the land-based casinos because they don’t have land-restriction. So you will get the opportunity to win more with your favorite games on legal online casinos in Michigan.
  • Retail and Mobile Sports Betting: The sportsbooks will enable you to select from several different competitions/bets and make predictions as per your experience. The more your forecasts go right, the more you win.
  • Daily Fantasy Sports: You may have played fantasy sports with your friends or colleagues at least once in your life. This concept isn’t much different from that, except for the duration for which it is played. Here you have to make bets on an everyday basis and win rewards by the end of the game. These are usually more preferred than sports betting because you get a chance to involve yourself more in the game here. So the excitement levels are kept up, and you can enjoy it better.
  • Online Poker: Poker is one of the most appealing casino games of all time. A majority of US states have already shown the vast popularity of legal online poker platforms. The same is expected from the state of Michigan. However, you may need to wait a little longer to play the game online.

With all these types of online gambling legal in Michigan now, people will no longer have to get bored while sitting at their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Gamble Online In Michigan?
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed the LSBA and LIGA into law in December 2019, making online gambling legal in Michigan. So yes, now you can gamble online in the state.
Is Online Poker Legal In Michigan?
Under the two acts of online gambling, online poker has also been legalized in Michigan. But the state will have to wait a little longer because the operators are more focused on other gambling types.
Are There Taxes On Winnings In MI?
Yes, there will be taxes on the earnings through online gambling in MI. The collected taxes, however, will be directed towards education support and medical assistance for first responders of MI.
Do I Need To Live In Michigan To Online Gamble Once It Goes Live?
Yes, you need to be physically present in the region of Michigan to enjoy the gambling platforms. Moreover, you will have to check with the age-restriction of online betting.
How Are Online Casinos Expected To Benefit Michigan?
For the initial setup and proper functioning of online casinos, the state will be offering $25 million each year. These funds will be divided into various parts as per the overall functionality of the casinos.
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