Horse Race Betting in Michigan - Best Michigan Horse Betting Sites in 2023

Published: Mar 14, 2023 Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Betting on horse races began to flourish in Michigan after it was legalized in summer 1933 and the first betting took place on 2nd September 1933. The industry became more popular when online Michigan Horse betting started in 2020. TVG horse racing was the first online operator, soon after which many websites have launched their retail sportsbooks as well. Today you can bet on horse racing through the top MI horse betting sites from anywhere in the state through your smartphone, using a legal Michigan online sportsbook. However, before you start betting on horse races, you should have full grasp of everything about it – from the types of bets and horse betting odds to the safest Michigan horse race betting websites and the best bonus offers for Michigan players.

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Fanduel Sportsbook MI

Fanduel Sportsbook MI

Up to $1000 Risk-Free

AmWager Sportsbook MI

AmWager Sportsbook MI

100% Up to $150

Fox Bet Sportsbook MI

Fox Bet Sportsbook MI

$50 Risk-Free

Barstool Sportsbook MI
Barstool Sportsbook MI


risk free bet up to $500
DraftKings Sportsbook MI
DraftKings Sportsbook MI


Up to $1025
DRF Bets Sportsbook MI
DRF Bets Sportsbook MI


$50 Free Bet
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    Best Horse Racing Betting Sites Michigan

    If you are betting on sports for the first time, you must be on the lookout for the best betting apps in Michigan. Failing to pick up the best website can lead to a loss of revenue. Many websites offer unfair choices, or take biased decisions, but you can find only the most trustworthy and reputed MI online sportsbooks for horse bets here.  The legal sports betting apps in Michigan will offer exclusive welcome bonuses and promos. Their user interface must be understandable and easy to navigate. The security and safety parameters of the Michigan real money betting sites must also be taken into consideration. Considering all these criteria, here are some of the best MI horse betting sites that guarantee both the safety and the quality of the sports betting options:


    AmWagerAmWager, licensed and regulated by the Oregon Racing Commission, is a 60-times faster and powerful website. They offer various bonuses and promotions that keep players attracted to their website. The MI sports betting app gives a $25 reward when your friend suggests your name while signing up. But, they would also need to place a bet of $100, a risk-free bet. Additionally, cash reward programs are also there where you can win more cashback percentages. For example, if the reward level is gold, you get a cashback percentage of 4% with minimum monthly wagering of $2000. This betting website does not have any track restrictions. The welcome bonus offered here is up to $500, and no promo code is required. Various withdrawal and deposit options are also available like ACH, PayGarden, eCheck, Bitcoin, etc. Therefore, it becomes more convenient for bettors to decide which method to opt for.


    Xpressbet SportsbookWishing to bet on individual horse races, but don’t know which website to opt for? Xpressbet would be the best choice. Founded in 2002, and it has an app for iOS and Android through which players can wager on horse futures markets. Soon after signing up, you get $10 immediately for free, and for every bet of $100, you will receive a $10 credit. They offer a fair deal, and by depositing Xpressfund, you can win $25. By referring a friend, you can earn a credit of $50, and when they place bets and win, you also get some amount. Consecutively, both of them have a fair chance to win bets on events. The important aspect is many free wagers are also available that you can try out through this racebook. Some other exclusive offers on this website are money-back guarantees, occasional trip giveaways, Xpressbet handicapping contests, risk-free first bet, etc. Like AmWager, a variety of withdrawal and deposit options are available, making it convenient for players. Withdrawing any amount does not need any fee while depositing money might require. It depends upon the process that you prefer.


    DRF BetThe racing form, also referred to as the Daily Racing Form, was founded in 1894 by Frank Brunell, in Chicago, Illinois. The bulk of statistical data available in DRF includes previous performances of the horses. It will help you to understand the nuts and bolts of horse racing and help you win more bets. In 1922, the DRF publishing firm was sold to Moses Annenberg’s Triangle Publications. After a few years, it was owned by Walter Annenberg. Presently, the DRF is owned by Z Capitals Partners, where the CEO is Itay Fisher. Based in New York City, DRF is designed to help bettors place their bets on horses that have higher chances of winning. The DRF website will provide information about the horse race details, upcoming matches, etc. For receiving regular updates, you can sign up and claim a 10% discount.

    Types of Wagers in Horse Betting Michigan

    Horse racing sports betting sites Michigan has many types to choose from. In this part, you will get to know the various wagering types so that you can place them appropriately. The primary reason why players fail to win in-play horse betting is they do not have enough information about the wagers. Once you go through the types of bets; you will have a higher chance of winning.

    Race Winner

    This is the simplest bet that can be placed on almost all MI horse racing betting apps and websites. Choose the horse that’s going to win and get a return when your prediction becomes correct. In this option, the only exception is when the horse comes second, but is promoted to first in a steward’s inquiry. Most crucially, check out the terms and conditions offered by the website. It’s because some sportsbooks payout when a horse loses a race in the stewards’ room.


    Among horse racing punters, doubles are a popular choice, and to win totals you need to get both right. Here you need to predict the horses that will win the match. The player who can get this bet correct should be a genius, as it’s challenging to get both correct.

    Each Way

    It comprises two separate bets, where the bet is evenly distributed. Each-way terms may vary depending on the odds. For 13 runners, 3 places and ¼ odds, and for 16 runners, it’s four places. Sports fans need to check every possibility before placing the wagers.


    It is similar to doubles, but you need to predict two horses that will win in order. Even if your horses win, but the order that you have placed is wrong, you lose. And if you win, the payout you will receive is significantly higher.


    A place is a wager where you need to pick a horse that can finish either second or first. Winning any of the top positions will give you payouts, and it is comparatively less risky. But make sure that you are confident that the horse will win the race.


    A win wager is an attempt to choose the horse that’s going to be the winner of the race. Considered to be the easiest bet, and is less risky.


    It comes under the straight bet category, and a horse is selected who’s going to win in any of the top three positions. The show is the safest wager, offering the smallest return. The chance of winning is higher if you have enough knowledge of the horse’s performance.


    Trifecta, also known as Triactor, is a step ahead of Exacta and requires choosing three horses. These three horses are the ones who need to win the top three positions in order. A player winning the bet can get a higher payout, but it’s extremely difficult.


    If you are looking for the toughest bet, choose Superfecta. Only an experienced bettor can opt for this bet as you need to try out many combinations to get it correct. Also, winning will give a higher payout, but make sure that you are well aware before placing it.

    Pick 3

    A pick 3 is a three-race parlay, and you need to select the winner of three consecutive races. Most of the time, the horse racing parlays are consistent and standard, eliminating differences. Irrespective of whatever wagers you have chosen, you can place your bet on pick 3. There is no need to technically construct anything, like in any other conventional sports.

    Pick 5

    Like pick 3, pick 5 is a five-race equivalent and works similarly to pick 3. Here you need to choose five horses for consecutive five matches. Each of the combinations comprises the same amount. Pick 5 is more challenging than picking 3, and the wager is a bit expensive.

    Prop Bets

    Prop bets do not rely on the race outcome and are a fun wager. Here you need to choose, which jockey can win more races or who will have the best season, etc. Now that you know about the horse racing bets, get started. Make sure to go through the terms and conditions before placing them.

    Big Events to Bet

    As you have known the types of bets, now you must be aware of the events on which you can bet. They are:

    Aintree Grand National

    It is the most valuable handicap chase that offers you a chance of winning a million quid. It is run in Liverpool at Aintree Racecourse every year in April. If you think to bet on this match, opt for each way, and get as many places as possible.

    Cheltenham Festival

    It is a horse racing event that runs every year in March, and the biggest races of this festival are the Champion Chase, the Cheltenham Gold Cup Champion Hurdle, Stayers’ Hurdle.

    Epsom Derby

    It runs at Epsom Racecourse every year in June, and horses must have stamina, balance, and speed to win this race. The Epsom Oaks and Epsom Derby play well when it’s thoroughbred horse racing.

    Royal Ascot

    It is another high-society event, including all the best riders, horses, and the rich heritage and excitement if the Ascot is incomparable. It features jump and flat racing and is perfect for players to bet in, and takes place on five days in June.

    Where Can You Watch Horse Racing?

    To watch live horse racing online, you can log in to your favorite online sportsbook and watch it there. Otherwise, you can watch on television live by asking for the cable connection from your operator. You can also view live horse races in TVG operators. Many racetracks are also screened to big networks through which you can watch horse races.

    MI Horse Betting Signup Process and Bonuses

    If you are thinking of starting up online horse racing, first signup on any of the websites listed above. After signing up, you can expect various bonus rewards such as no deposit casino bonus Michigan offers that you can use to place the bets. The signup bonus varies from one sportsbook to the other, and to avoid committing mistakes, you must study the rules and regulations. The registration process is the same for all, and to follow the process, you need to hit the sign-up button. Ensure that you are at least 21 years; otherwise, you are not eligible for this. Most significantly, you must have a valid email id and phone number as you need to provide on the website. Go through the reward section properly so that you can use the offers.

    Betting Tips

    Online gambling is exciting, but at the same time, it’s risky. Therefore, if you place the bets without enough information about the betting tips, you will lose. Some of the tips that can help you win wagers are:

    Pick Up a Suitable Website

    After online horse racing got legalized, many websites are coming up, but everyone is not the same. Some are not licensed and unfair, so you need to first look out for the best sportsbook. In this aspect, ensure that you research a bit and collect all the information. After that, you can decide which sportsbook would be best.

    Types of Bets

    Many bets are available, but not every website is offering all of them. Additionally, the payouts are also different, and that’s why; you must consider looking for every bet without fail. It’s also essential to keep a rough that you are going to bet in a day. Otherwise, you might keep on placing the bet, and if you don’t win, you will lose a hefty amount. It’s important to understand that you must bet as much as you can afford to lose.

    Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

    While signing up, ensure that you look for the bonuses and promotions offered by a particular website. Some of them might not offer you a great deal, while others might. That’s why; check out the options provided by them so that you can make most of them. These tips will help you win bets on the horse racing website. Initially, you might find it to be a bit challenging, but once you start the game, you will love to play again and again. Therefore, it would be worthy of giving a try on the next horse race.

    Latest News

    As you know, the online gambling website has become legal in Michigan; the best way to bet on horse races is through them. The horse racing law 1855 allowed licensed third-party firms to introduce live wagers. Online horse racing got sanctioned during the pandemic situation.

    Over to You

    Horse races are exciting sports and also prestigious, and with the legalization of the sportsbook, the online betting sector has become immensely popular. This guide has explained all the various types of bets, betting tips, the best sportsbook, etc. After reading this guide, you can start placing the bets appropriately and win more. Ensure that you always go for a trustworthy and secure website.


    Is it legal to bet on horse races online in Michigan?
    Yes, it’s legal to bet on horse races online in Michigan.
    How can I bet on horse racing in Michigan?
    To bet on horse racing in Michigan, you need to enroll in a trustworthy and reputed sportsbook.
    Where can I check horse racing odds in Michigan?
    The information about the best horse racing odds in Michigan is available on the sportsbook where you have registered.
    Are there options to bet on virtual horse racing in Michigan?
    Yes, there are options to bet on virtual horse racing in Michigan.

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